How Carpets Turned Popular

How Carpets Turned Popular

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With time they gained acclaim throughout the world. Moreover, great advances occurred in the carpet industry. It progressed from hand made to machine-made carpets.

The best carpets were hand made. They require much human energy and are of a high standard. They are among the oldest types but are still in demand, valued and appealed. They are designed well elegant, stylish and elegant. Hand made carpets are still a symbol of status and class.

With the passage of time machines have been developed to create carpets. Carpet quality decides the price. The hand-woven carpets are expensive because they consume a lot of human effort and time. Hand-woven carpets are mainly produced in Pakistan as well as Turkey and Iran because of the cheap labor costs.

There are a variety of carpets. Most of them are created with consideration to the type of usage they are intended for. This is based on whether they will be utilized informally or formal. Formal usage involves less usage of the carpet. The cost of the carpet is determined by its quality, and the high-end of the carpet depends on the quality of the yarn that is used. Also, it is the style and design of the carpet.

The most popular carpets include flat, tufted, woven needle felt and weave.

Among the popular ones, woven ones are on the top of the list. They are soft and have a smooth feel. They're a lot like the hand-made ones and are the most expensive type of carpet. They are created on looms and consist of yarns of different shades. Colored yarns help in making the most luxurious and lavish designs that are pre-determined.

The next item on the list is tufted carpet. They are produced using tufts or tufted machines. A machine typically makes long and big carpets. Tufted carpets are WALL HANGING made of only one yarn color which is dyed in the following days.

The most advanced carpet is needle felt, which are also on popular list. Being advanced means their making is highly technologically sophisticated through the use of modern machines. Yarn along with fiber is utilized in their production which makes them more durable and resistant to casual usage.

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